Isolite System

Dr. Burrows and Dr. Bevans will often utilize the Isolite system due to its ability to illuminate the inside of your mouth during dental procedures. This is a considerable help to Dr. Burrows and Dr. Bevans to be able to offer you the best dentistry possible.


As further benefit to our patients, the Isolite system is an individualized vacuum system which protects your cheek, tongue and jaw health and reduces mercury vapors when removing metal fillings.


The Isolite system provides Dr. Burrows and Dr. Bevans with a dry environment inside your mouth which makes your dental restorations last longer. Dr. Burrows and Dr. Bevans utilize the Isolite system to benefit all of their patients as it is also more comfortable for patients.


If you have any further questions about the Isolite System, speak with one of our Abby Dental Care team members when you visit our office.